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Hot Air Balloon Safari in Masai Mara – Unforgettable Experience Over Savannah

The breathtaking views from the balloon basket are not only a fantastic travel experience but also the opportunity to see the most famous national parks in Africa in their entirety, without exhausting ground travel. This impression is precious during the Great Migration of Animals, stunning in its scale from a bird's eye view. Huge herds of wildebeests and zebras move across vast expanses in search of new food sources, crossing rivers and savannahs. You can see this grand spectacle in great detail during a hot air balloon safari in Kenya and Tanzania!

Nevertheless, fresh air, fantastic landscapes, and the opportunity to see the daily life of animals in their natural habitat make balloon safari in Masai Mara relevant at any other time of the year. Nothing is more romantic than feeling absolute freedom and seeing the most beautiful African dawn in the tropical sky.

Best Proposals for Balloon Safari Africa 


What does "freedom" mean? Perhaps this is an opportunity to relax after busy working days, get out into nature or go on a sea voyage. What if we invite you to experience this feeling among the heavenly expanses by going on a hot air balloon safari Kenya?


Hot air balloon safari in Kenya is more than an extraordinary experience and a fantastic feeling. It is a little life that you will devote to unity with the untamed elements and the discovery of some secrets of nature that were previously inaccessible to earthly inhabitants. The balloon safari tour begins even before dawn, allowing members of the safari group to see the sunrise among the vast expanses of the African savannah. The flight will last for about one to two hours, during which you will drift in the wind direction, trying to capture the best shots of the wildlife on your camera and in your heart. At the end of balloon safari Tanzania, a delicious breakfast and a glass of champagne await you to celebrate the start of a new day and renew your personality. Have a good trip!