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Immerse in the Wild with Birding Safaris Masai Mara

The bird watching safari Masai Mara is a pleasure not only for bird watchers but also for ordinary tourists who want to know more about the diversity of African fauna. The huge number of different species and the stunning beauty of the colors impress even those who have never been particularly fond of birds, not to mention the young researchers. What about the opportunity to see representatives of their native nature during the birding safaris Masai Mara? After all, some migratory inhabitants of European forests and Asian steppes fly here to winter, complementing the diversity of endemics. Plus, planned excursions in a 4x4 Jeep led by well-qualified guides will delight every participant with the opportunity to immerse in the African wildlife, forgetting about routine chores and monotonous everyday life!

Tours with Birding Safaris Masai Mara

Tour packages offering bird watching safari Masai Mara are an excellent opportunity to visit the most famous national parks. There, you will see the life of birds in their natural environment, studying their daily life in the wild with the help of an experienced specialist. 

For example, Lake Nakuru National Park is famous for its vast populations of pink flamingos, which feed on Cyanophyte Spirulina platensis, algae that grow here in large quantities. The Kakamega forested area is home to over 350 species of tropical birds, including the rare snake-eating species. Trips to Masai Mara can also mean birding safaris Kenya because the park is a home to many species, among which tourists pay special attention to ostriches, vultures, and marabou. Besides, you can not only learn a lot about the world of animals and birds in Africa but also see them nearby, photograph, or shoot impressive video shots.


Another advantage of birding safari, organized by travel specialists, is the preservation of the usual comfort. Tourists will not have to give up the daily facilities because they will have access to the best hotels and campgrounds with all comfortable accommodation terms, delicious national and European cuisine, and first-class service for children and adults.