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Honeymoon Suite - $130 (1 king-sized bed)

Honeymoon Suite - $130 (1 king-sized bed)

Discover Budget Accommodation In A Honeymoon Suite

Have you ever dreamt of a fantastic stay in Masai Mara with your loved one? It’s high time to turn your dreams into reality with an affordable honeymoon suite in Masai Mara from Lion Sands Masai Mara Lodge! We offer carefully organized honeymoon stays at reasonable prices. With our budget accommodation in a honeymoon suite, you’ll discover all power, infinity, and sheer beauty of the abundant Masai Mara wildlife. Everything you have to do to get this exceptional experience is just to join us for affordable accommodation in a honeymoon suite

Savor the moments of marriage, the sweet ones and the bitter ones in a beautifully unique suite. Book your perfect honeymoon for an unforgettable experience.

Best Service at Budget Accommodation in Masai Mara

Our honeymoon suites offer every modern amenity for your convenience and comfort, whether you are visiting Masai Mara National Reserve for leisure or game drives.

Accommodation in Masai Mara With Exciting Adventures

Our Budget Honeymoon Suites offer complete luxury and comfort with large windows sharing panoramic views of the savanna. At Lion Sands Masai Mara Lodge, we offer unforgettable experiences that includes game drives, sundowner, and bush dinners alongside comfortable and budget accommodation Masai Mara with our Honeymoon Suites.